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People pair foods, yarns, dogs and cats.  I enjoy pairing music and drinks.  This song had me thinking of how many people we go through.  People cross our paths swearing we are paving roads that end together, instead we end up on our own journey further away from what we originally wanted to obtain.  This song must be served with a smooth smokey Mezcal and old pictures of the slum your trying to drown.  Something to get you right into that mood where you just drown in the looking back but once the drink is done its all gone.  Drink to forgive and then wish the next lame ass paving paths with the worthless so and so good luck.  Look pretty an don’t ever look back.

You get what you give

With my birthday rolling around, it’s time to reflect.  Pop open a bottle of Veuve, sharpen the pencil, and jot all the To do’s before 30 and scribble all the things I finally took care of or I’ve managed to either keep or earn.  29 is my last HaRaaa before the Dirty 30 and then the new decade will start and hopefully by then the To Do list will have decreased immensely.

To Do

  • lose weight (not for looks cause I’m husky and the ladies still love me)
  • exercise at least 5 days out of 7
  • Save that extra no touch 5G’s
  • Buy a ring
  • Invest
  • Organize all my music
  • Say good bye to certain people
  • Write more
  • Pass the word of Love on
  • Maybe move

 Have Done

  • Visit my grandparents often
  • Support my mother in her decisions
  • Let go of certain people that had their good times in my life but those times are over.  I appreciate the good times we had but everything must come to an end including friendships.
  • Started my 401K
  • Invested
  • spoken more with my dad
  • Love my best friend more
  • Pray hard
  • Love my girlfriend
  • Stopped eating meat
  • Started my way to peace

Of course I wasn’t going to jot forever but just some of the important stuff to my soul.  On that note cheers to new beginnings and not starting anything on a bad note.  I am a hundred percent dedicated to remembering that whatever I do comes back to me so therefore I try my hardest to put positive energy in the air and in my friends ears.  Do right by the ones you love, betrayal only signs you up with confirmed visits from Karma. 

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